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This page allows our participants, partners, and other associates to download any assets related to the project.


RD TopHeaderLogo.jpg
RD sfera var1.jpg RD sfera var2.jpg

Regional Initiatives - BLACK Backgrounds

RD European Initiative.jpg RD MENA Initiative.jpg RD African Initiative.jpg

RD Australasia Initiative.jpg RD American Initiative.jpg

Regional Initiatives - WHITE Backgrounds

RD European White.png RD African White.png RD American White.png RD MiddleEastern White.png RD Australasian White.png

Logos of Organizations

Undef logoLARGE.jpg FWC logoHIGH.jpg

Region Balls

Eu region ball.jpg Me region ball.jpg Usa region ball.jpg Af region ball.jpg Au region ball.jpg


SDDP Software

Cogniscope3 Logo.jpg.png IdeaPrism LOGO.jpg


RD Certified Bestpractice 20160525.png RD Certified Method 20160525.png RD Certified Software 20160525.png RD Certified Tool 20160525.png