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The Shadow Participants are probably the most important actors of the Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era project, because they are the ones who will allow the project to scale-up and involve thousands. In the context of this project phase, funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), there will be over 1000 Shadow Participants from across the globe sharing their ideas and views. Shadow Participants are those individuals who are chosen by CoreParticipants to participate in virtual and or hybrid Regional SDDPs. Every Core Participant is required to carefully select and propose at least 10 young leaders and/or change makers to serve as Shadow Participants. Once entered into the program, Shadow Participants will have equal participation and their contributions will be given equal weights with regard to their impact in designing and delivering the final products.

Each Core Participant must propose at least 10 Shadow Participants. In order to find out more about how to apply to contribute as Shadow Participant you must visit the page: Join as Shadow Participant in the Structured Democratic Dialogues.