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Before you proceed to the application, please make sure you read the terms of reference and also familliarize yourself with what is expected from each mentor type.

Apply as Peer Empowerment and Support Mentor
Apply as Mentor in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy
Apply as Mentor in the Science of Dialogic Design

Three types of Mentorship

Every Core Participant has three Mentors:

RD Mentor Peer.png Peer Empowerment and Support Mentors
RD Mentor Media.png Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy
RD Mentor SDD.png Mentors in the Science of Dialogic Design

Each mentor will be in charge for at least 5 Core Participants, one per region.

Terms of Reference for all Mentors

  1. Each mentor is in charge of at least 5 Core Participant, one per region.
  2. RD Mentor w Cores.png

  3. Core Participants choose their Mentors.
  4. Mentors serve without renumeration.
  5. Mentors should satisfy the requirements described below.
  6. Mentors have the right, and are also expected, to use the project, its data and findings to promote their own research, projects, or activities on the conditions explained below..

What is expected from a Mentor

  1. A Mentor should be willing to mentor at least 5 Core Participants, one per region.
  2. The Mentorship program has two key dimensions:
    • To mentor each Mentee on on individual basis and ensure s/he performs to her/his best of abilities
    • To bring the five Mentees from across the globe in contact to exchange ideas, experiences and projects
  3. To provide guidance and support to the 5 mentees and create an ambiance of open communication and trust.
  4. To maintain a personal page on the Reinvent Democracy Pedia.
  5. To maintain frequent communication not only one-to-one with each mentee, but also to create the space in which his/her 5 Core Participants from across the world interact and exchange their thoughts thus serving as peer mentors to each other.
  6. To develop a personal action plan and an activity timeline for each assigned mentee.
  7. To respond timely to requests from mentees and have at least three separate Skype meetings with them.
  8. To support the organization, production, and dissemination of the project's Webinars.
  9. Must prepare and upload to YouTube™ a 120 sec video clip.
    • The first minute should focus on why a Core Participant should choose the particular individual.
    • In the second minute, the Mentor should say something about her/his background, passion, strengths and networks of people/projects that can be engaged.
  10. To sign an agreement, which includes:
    • The right of the project team to use video clips and messages produced by the mentor.
    • The obligation to inform the project team must prior to any unilateral use of project data or contacts and also acknowledged in any relevant events, products or publications.
    • The commitment to document and submit communication and ideas to the project team.

To learn more about the role of the Mentor in each category please visit the Mentorship Program page.

What's in for a Mentor

Being a mentor means having the opportunity to get involved in an exciting international project and to create a network with a group of young global activists. Persons involved can enhance their guidance and facilitation skills and gain experience in mentoring.
A Mentor has access to 5 Core Participants who have access to their respective groups plus to their own Shadow Participants. We invite mentor to have and also work on their own personal projects and agendas and take advantage of these networks to collect data, to promote ideas and implement projects. The only conditions are:

  1. The above activities have to be in line with the overall vision and mission of the project
  2. The Coordinator(s) of the project must be informed and approve the actions
  3. The project must be acknowledged

To learn more about the role of the Mentor in each category please visit the Mentorship Program page.