Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy

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Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy

These are international experts and/or scientists in the fields of communication strategy, communication policy, promotion and dissemination of results. Their role is to mentor the mentee in all her/his efforts from developing a strategy to promote her'/his messages all the way to identifying, contacting and convincing relevant stakeholders and./or decision makers to support them in all their endeavours.

One Mentor in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy will mentor 5 Mentees, one per Continent. The Mentees choose their Mentors using the available information in their respective pages and their personal videos.

Specific Tasks

  • Ensure that their Mentees remain active throughout the project lifetime
  • Arrange regular Skype meetings with their Mentees, both individually and sometimes as a group
  • Have Mentees research and identify all media related organizations in their area
  • Have their Mentees explore for opportunities to present their work; if necessary help by writing a letter to the media channel
  • Support them in preparing their communication plans and practice their presentations
  • Facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and projects between their five Mentees
  • Encourage their Mentees to work on their own specific projects
  • Help their Mentees with ideas on how to secure support and funds to implement their own projects, including applying to this program
  • Encourage their Mentees to learn from each other, replicate what the others have tried

The following individuals serve currently as Mentors: