Larry Fergeson

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Digital Communication Mentor
Digital Communication Mentor
Larry Fergeson
Role(s) Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy
Affiliation(s) Advisory Board Member
N.E.T.S Board of Trustees
Education Conflict Resolution Graduate Program
Portland State University
Achievements Instrumental in setting up the Cyprus Community Media Centre

Larry Fergeson is one of the Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy of the Reinventing Democracy project.

Larry Fergeson joined Future Worlds Center in 2005 for a year as an intern from the MS Conflict Resolution graduate program at the Portland State University, a student of Prof. Harry Anastasiou. Upon his second return to Cyprus in 2007 he initially assumed responsibilities as Project Coordinator of UCYVROK - Uniting for Citizenship and Participation and New Media Landscape projects. Subsequently, he acted as Program Quality and Fundraising Coordinator and in 2009 he became the Head of the Humanitarian Affairs Unit.

In June 2010, Larry became a professional Project Manager for the United Nations Development Programme to support the development and delivery of a key component of the Action for Cooperation and Trust programme, providing a means for Cypriots to actively participate in the reconciliation process. Currently, Larry is the General Manager at Cyprus Community Media Centre where his role is comprehensive management of daily activities and efficient delivery of business operations for a community media centre based in the United Nations’ buffer zone, promoting and providing a channel for the voice of local communities.

Larry is member of the N.E.T.S Board of Trustees. Another key position Larry holds is as the elected Secretary of the Board of the Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE).

He is a versatile and highly professional project manager with a wealth of experience in providing strategic direction and comprehensive delivery of a diverse range of international assignments, Larry has the knowledge and vision to create and lead on world class programmes. Proficient in preparing financial projections, Larry is exceptionally accomplished in securing short and long term funding and sustainable income from sources including the European Union and the United Nations. As a talented negotiator utilising sound management techniques, Larry coordinates significant, high profile services and activities, monitoring all stages of the lifespan of each work stream, consummately reviewing and evaluating to achieve responsive and quality provision for individuals and countries with complex needs. Dynamic and driven, Larry takes pride in exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders.

Larry’s areas of interest include media ethics, conflict resolution, civil society capacity building, democratic dialogue processes, development education and uniting youth in constructive ways. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from Texas State University and graduate studies in conflict resolution at Portland State University. Additionally, he also acts as a media consultant, communications strategist, journalist, radio programme producer and television presenter.