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Digital Communication Mentor
Digital Communication Mentor
Irma Wilson
People can transcend their habitual boundaries
and come together for a common purpose
Role(s) Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy
Affiliation(s) Founder and CEO of FutureSharp
Education BComm cum laude, Economics, Media & Marketing
Core & Advanced Integral, Integral Theory & Application
Achievements Master Facilitator -- Ten directions Dianne Hamilton
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Irma Wilson, founder of FutureSharp, is a futurist, and she serves as one of Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy.

Irma is s business unusual strategist, edge inhabiter and provocateur, who keeps a finger on the Social Economic and Inclusive Innovation pulses. She looks at meta trends and speak on behalf of future generations. She investigates the ways in which imagination and individual agency can be activated to create engaged global citizens. A whole systems design thinker with special attention on collective intelligence creation, processes towards co-creation, meme design and the spread thereof.

Irma Wilson lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and is active globally. Besides being the founder of FutureSharp she is a member of the Peer-to-Peer Foundation; linked to the Centre for Governance Innovation; sits on the board of the South African Innovation Network; an associate advisor of ci2i co-creation global group who pursues the best possible outcome for us all in the ongoing Human Project.

She is an icebreaker; She see connections; She contextualize and prepares the terrain, prepares the table for deal-makers; She makes what is not yet visible, visible; She is a collaborative researcher, interactive conversation facilitator and keynote speaker. Creativity activated is powerful.

Currently focused on making generative normative futures visible, understood and invite participation in creating, with implementation of whole systems thinking and architecture. Interested in the intersection between futurism and behavioral change; in giving voice to actionable working alternatives; surfacing existing means through which people can engage in and act upon insights; all aligned with a directionality towards creating conditions for life, regeneration towards a generative thriving world with creatively engaged citizens. Long term, looking at wisdom, agility & creativity; decision-making structures; addressing power and influence in the Anthropocene era.


She is the founder and CEO of FutureSharp, since November 2011. FutureSharp makes Africa-to-Africa innovation for inclusive development visible, attractive, understood and implementable in a variety of ways: build systems of support and facilitate communities to redefine their needs, re-examine beliefs and values, map their competencies and implement re-enlivenment of Ubuntu using p2p methods, new organisational as well as collective intelligence technologies. This includes roadshows, collaborative media content & reportage and governance innovation projects. FutureSharp engages both at grassroots and policy level. The African focus is on localized regeneration, action research and understanding on how to communicate that which is borne from massive complexity, in difficult circumstances to great diversity in non-obfuscating language.


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