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Mentors in Digital Communication
Mentors in Digital Communication
Heiner Benking
All life is in and beyond dynamically changing open circles -- in common frames, patterns, flows, and waves.
Role(s) Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy
Affiliation(s) various
Education Geo-Sciences
University Hamburg
Economics Academy Bremen
Achievements Anna-Lindh-Foundation Award:‘Youth for Change, Social Justice and a Shared Development’. Nominated by Laouris, FWC, short-listed.

Heiner Benking is one of the Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy of the Reinventing Democracy project.

Short Profile pasted from my General Thinking page: [1] an extended profile can be found at the Future Worlds Center Practitioner Training Workshop website: [2] It is about re-inventing democracy, multi-track diplomacy, peace-making, and policies and strategies to harness "the wisdom of the people". Maybe check my dedication to CITIZEN SCIENCES first: [3]

"Me? - I had a couple of lifes/professional episodes: technician and engineer, planner, consultant, sales and marketing, infographics coiner, environmental management and research, curator, futurist, educator, facilitator, ... in fields as wide as: environmental education, culture, youth, media,... My function is capacity building along and across scales and cultures in an appreciative, attentive style typical for concerned generalists, thinkers, in-betweeners, hazardeurs, trim-tabs, and go-getters... to open dialog and deliberations towards shared positive futures.

In a nutshell: Journalist - Facilitator - Consultant - Futurist

Beside volunteering for IHTEC (International Holistic Tourism Education Center & International School Peace Gardens[4], OSI - Objective Science International [5] or INBAK - Institute for Sustainability in Education, Work, and Culture[6] Flyer (PDF) English): [7] Benking is since 20+ years also active for other UN-ECOSOC NGOs, Councils and Foundations in charge for "communication and capacity-building". Presently he is active in the GLOBAL COMMONS ACTION ALLIANCE writing bi-monthly to Heads of States... This is an example on the occasion of the UN Agenda2030 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GLOBALS (SDGs) [8] session in 2015. See also UN Geneva 2016 [9] and UN Bonn 2017 updates. [10] - [11]

Highly recommended in this context is a forthcoming Mother Pelican article on "sharing and gifting in traditional and modern times"[12] and proposals to use SDDP for the CHALLENGES TO HUMANITY of the Millennium Project: [13] the CAPS Info Day. CAPS stands for Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation of the European Commission, CAPS2015:[14] CAPS2016: [15], and the Volkswagen Stiftung - Herrenhausen Inquiry: Governing the Anthopocene !? - Cyber-Systemic Possibilities? [16] or [17] one session was with Alexander Christakis. Inquiry website:[18] ISSS background:[19]

Check also the tabular CV for the Anna-Lindh-Foundation Barcelona Forum 2010: [20] and the width and depth of the challenges at hand: [21] and that we need a "new science, language, thinking, ways of communicating and presenting, as discussed at the Nobel Peace Laureats gathering in Berlin in 2009 in honor of Elinor Ostrom: [22]

Below you can find some more details, references, ... links with special reference to Dialog and Deliberation around my work with the 21stCenturyAgora Institute [23]

Loads of diverse data make us think deep, confront perplexity, and get some extra insights and ideas... so please bear with noise and variety across subjects, languages, scales, proportions, and consequences - and digest, subsume, and resonate! and maybe check the references.

UPDATE 8/2016 please check the growing CITIZEN SCIENCE page: [24] and the October 2016 Anna-Lindh-Foundation event in Malta: [25] where I intend to do again, as in 2010 and 2013, an magic roundtable: [26] see also the timeline: [27]


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