Emilie Peinchaud

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Digital Communication Mentor
Digital Communication Mentor
Emilie Peinchaud
Role(s) Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy
Education BSc, School of Fine Arts, Toulouse
MA in Arts Organizations Communication Training,
Master II Intercultural Management Organizations
University of Social Sciences of Toulouse,
School for Advanced Studies in Science of Information and Communication, Paris la Sorbonne
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Emilie Peinchaud is PR, Marketing and Communication Consultant currently based in Berlin. Her expertise is in Public Relations and Communications. In her academic career, she pursued several academic graduation programs in diverse fields that together forge a very unique profile. From political and institutional communication, to media training, design and art direction, her experience and expertise reveal the wide spectrum of her interests. At the crossroads of arts and science, her researches include demonstrations of misuse of technology for artistic or political purposes. She lives and works in Berlin, the city where the experimental field is particularly wide and abounding in innovative participatory democratic initiatives.

Since 2014, Emilie Peinchaud works as freelance consultant specialist in communication activities. She advises and supports artists working for various cultural organizations and follows the phenomena of use of technologies for Communication-Information. (Ex: Berlin unlimited Festival an ambitious festival of urbanism, arts and architecture that gathered more than 2.000 people for a critical symposium based on the following question: “What future visions are replacing the ideologies of the past? »)

Her approach: critical thinking, her method: choosing eclectic sources of inspiration and confronting contradictory universes to push the limits and question the standards.

She works as Freelance Communications Consultant in Short Films Production and Distribution.

Role in the Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era project

Emilie serves as Digital Communication Mentor and is the mentor of Agnija Kazuša and Aida Bruni from the European Initiative and from the African Initiative is mentor of Melvis Lu-uh Kimbi, Daniel Ehagi and Abel Mavura.