Anna Valmero

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Digital Communication Mentor
Digital Communication Mentor
Anna Valmero
Role(s) Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy
Education BS in Development Communication with specialism on Science Communication
Certification on Climate Change Reporting

Ms. Anna Valmero is one of the Mentors in Digital Communication Strategy and Policy of the Reinventing Democracy project.

Anna is a multimedia journalist covering for US and UK publications. She serves as project coordinator with the European Youth Press’ Orange Magazine, wherein she is involved in mentoring and working with an international team of young journalists and change-makers who want to use the power of storytelling to shed light on important issues.

Her main motivation when heading teams is how to bring out the youth’s voice in the narrative, especially when presenting local and national issues for a global audience.

Among her projects with Orange Magazine include heading an international editorial team for the coverage of annual events such as the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg by the Council of Europe and the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum. She also mentors the magazine’s core team on project management and editorial strategy, while serving as one of the main English editors for all other media coverage.

She is based in Manila and is active globally. She also works on projects with the Philippine partner of the Environmental Journalism Network and serves as source person in regional conferences.

She believes in the power of storytelling to break boundaries and to promote the essence of giving voice to anyone, regardless of status, age, or gender. A believer of lifelong learning, she believes that a mentor’s job is to help guide one to find their voice in a story and to learn from the process as much as the mentee.