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Before you proceed to the Application Form you must ensure that:

  1. You fulfill the requirements for a Core Participant; read below
  2. You have prepared everything you need for the Application

To go directly to the Application (EN) click here

To go directly to the Application (ES) click here

Five things you need to have before you proceed to the Application

  1. Download the project flyer and study it carefully
  2. Download IdeaPrism™ and contribute at least 1 idea in the Dialogue: Reinventing Democracy for Applicants
  3. Secure 10 shadow participants; have their full names, at least one affiliation and their emails handy
  4. Secure support from at least 3 Civil Society Organizations or other Youth NGOs or peoples’ initiatives
  5. Identify (ideally secure support) national media: at least one web-based, one paper newspaper, one radio and one TV station. Have website, name of a person in charge, role and telephone handy.

Who can apply

Anyone from across the world can apply to participate in our Structured Democratic Dialogues

The dialogues will be week-long and will take place in five regions of the globe as follows:

Preliminary planning for location and time of the SDDs

Region Approximate Month Proposed Location
European Initiative 8 Platres, Cyprus
African Initiative 10 Kenya
American Initiative 12 Argentina
Euroasian Initiative 14 Japan or Indonesia
Middle Eastern Initiative 15 Cyprus

It is best to apply in a region that is nearby the location of the dialogue implementation, although this is not absolutely obligatory. Applicants may apply as individuals and/or as representatives of NGOs and/or informal groups or other initiatives, as representatives of formal education, and/or non-formal & administrative bodies working with youth such as youth workers.

Basic requirements

  1. Age: 18-30 years
  2. Two years professional/ volunteer experience in a non-profit, for-profit or hybrid organisation working in related matters
  3. Have a very good level of both spoken and written English
  4. Strong communication skills as evidenced by a short video clip submitted with the application
  5. Willingness and ability to promote your message using modern media communication technologies as evidenced by previous examples submitted with the application and/or written confirmation by media organizations willing to support your activities
  6. Leadership in your respective community as evidenced by letters of support from CSOs, NGOs, Youth organizations and/or other initiatives willing to support your future actions

How to prepare and upload your video

Your application should be accompanied with a short video clip in which you present yourself and also explain the reason you want to participate, your own aspirations and ideas concerning the envisioning and designing of new systems of participatory systems of governance.

Before you record study How to record your video clip.

While preparing your clip keep the following questions in mind:

  1. Who am I? Where do I come from? How old I am? What do I do now? Where in my life am I?
  2. Things you did that are relevant to this project and indicate your commitment and experience
  3. Who is supporting you or how are you going to secure support from those around you. Tell us about your access to organized civil society and media especially
  4. How will you keep your 10 shadow participants engaged and active?
  5. If you already have some ideas for action mention them

Successful Core Participant applicants must demonstrate certain abilities

  • Their ability to identify and secure 10 shadow participants who will contribute with their ideas to the objectives of the project through social media and ICT-based technologies
  • Contribute ideas using IdeaPrism™, social media, ICT-based technologies
  • Demonstrate support from at least 3 Civil Society Organizations or other Youth NGOs or peoples’ initiatives
  • Demonstrate access and support by media organizations


The participation begins a few months before the implementation of the actual Structured Democratic Dialogue and continues throughout and life time of the project and hopefully well beyond.

Committed participants are expected to:


Accommodation, food, and workshop material are provided for in full; however, you are expected to contribute towards your traveling expenses.

Weights of the main Selection Criteria

# Criterion Weight (%)
1 Gender 20
2 Age: young people 18 – 30 years old 15
3 Anti-discrimination criteria 10
4 Years of relevant experience or/and prior relevant activities 10
5 Potential for organizing follow-up activities 10
6 Belonging to associations with wide networks 5
7 Communication skills 5
8 Reliability / Commitment 5
9 Country of origin / nationality 5
10 Availability of sponsors 10
11 Uninterrupted access to social networking 5